Try before you buy.

Wide open spaces can lead to wide open opportunities, so we bend over backwards to accommodate your design requirements. You can even test our products before you put them into production.

Our testing processes analyses the experimental, developmental and performance characteristics of our products. Tests range from application testing to the implementation of advanced materials in current applications.

When standards don't exist we develop our own internal standards that are audited through our ISO9001:2000 quality accreditation.

Anthony Innovations range of testing is combined with years of technical experience. Tests include:

  1. Cyclic testing
  2. Dynamic load testing
  3. Static load testing
  4. Contamination testing
  5. Salt spray testing
  6. Destructive testing
  7. Chemical composition testing

All our tests aim to establish anticipated durability and performance of the finished product, giving you the assurance that the item will perform to the specified performance criteria.