Anthony Innovations N9900 tandem roller is the genuine item

NEW N9900 End Adjust Tandem Rollers NEW N9900 End Adjust Tandem Rollers

Yes, we have imitators out there, but none come close in terms of quality, reliability or performance.

Our N9900 roller is the industry leader for very good reasons. It is a superior product that performs better and lasts longer.

Our N9900 comes with:

I An industry leading 15 year warranty for peace of mind.

I The confidence of product testing to 100,000 cycles with a 200kg panel weight.

I Patented Contamination Protection design that increases the life of the roller.

The N9900 range now features an innovative new wheel design, an extended wheel carriage to provide wheel protection, high impact absorption and greater structural integrity, all of which leads to superior performance.

The results will astound you and that is why this Australian designed and manufactured product is backed by an industry leading 15 year warranty.


l NEW industry leading bearing design.

l NEW extended inner carriage wheel protection.

l Tandem wheel design.

l Plastic tyres on wheels.

l Stainless Steel adjusting Screw.

l End adjustable under load.

l Replaceable / interchangeable inner carriage.


l Will support a door weight up to 200kg.

l Equal distribution of weight across bearings meaning longer life.

l Plastic rollers resist track wear.

l Easily serviceable once installed.

l Reduced noise and smoother operation.

l Wheels are protected to reduce the chance of wheel damage during door panel installation or transportation, and minimises building site contaminants from reaching the wheel bearings.