N7000 Side Adjust Tandem Roller

N7000 Side Adjust Tandem Roller

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The N7000 side adjusting tandem roller has been designed to increase efficiencies for servicing and replacement. This product has been designed for utilization within a variety of different door types and styles.

Two variants have been developed to meet differing environmental conditions and load capacities.


  • Sealed Precision Bearing Wheels
  • Wheels will only engage on track
  • Wheels concealed ny inner carriage at all adjustment points. Tyre walls will not be broken during installation
  • Plastic tyres on wheels
  • Replaceable/interchangeable inner carriage


  • Reduced noise and smoother operation
  • Impossible to be rolled across floors as wheels do not protrude past the inner carriage
  • High contamination, resistance for infiltration of sand, cement, plaster dust and other building site contaminants
  • Plastic rollers resist track wear
  • Will allow support of a maximum door weight of 528lb


Part Number Construction Wheel Diameter Load Capacity Adjustment MOQ
Carriage Wheel
Outer Inner Bearing Outer (in) (lb) (in)
N7010DPA Plastic   Cast Chrome Steel   Plastic 1.41   264 0.37  200 
N7010DSGA Plastic  Cast  Stainless  Stainless  1.41   264 0.37  100